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Sunday, September 11, 2022

16 - A Trip to the Southern Coast - Coastal Bateman Bay - Braidwood - and the German Social Club

Batemans Bay and Surf Beach
South Australia Coast - we drove there

Royal Mail Hotel - Braidwood
On the Kings Highway to the coast

We are enjoying settling into our home in Australia. Canberra is land locked - so it was a long drive to the coast - mainly descending 2000 feet down from the Highlands. It took 2 hours to cover 90 miles. It was about 10 degrees warmer at sea level than up in the Highlands. 

Bateman Bay is a pretty seaside community that swells in the summer. Right now in winter it is a quiet shell waiting for the surfers and beach visitors. The water was 65 - but a few hearty people took the plunge. Nancy enjoyed their famed oysters - the restaurant only offered seafood. I settled for "chips." On the way home - we would hit sun and rain - off and on. The road was a perfect place to practice my driving on the left because traffic was light. The zig zags down the mountain were not that good. 

About halfway back to Canberra - we stopped in the pioneer town of Braidwood. We walked the town enjoying all the old wooden buildings. It was 3 pm Saturday but many of the stores were already closed. We did hit a great bakery - and I had another custard pie. Not Wenzel's quality - but a nice reminder. 

On the road we saw plenty of kangaroos - mostly dead. They do make gruesome road kill. Also we discovered something called a wombat. It is a giant version of a ground hog - as big as a medium size dog. When they get hit by cars - they usually end up on their back with all 4 paws straight up. One place - at dusk - Lulu claimed to see 200 kangaroos on a hill. We did backtrack a little - and came up on a few close-up. We startled them but they posed for a few pictures. 

Sunday morning - we went to an open house at a German Social Club. After World War II - Australia recruited highly educated workers from Germany. This social club is a result of that emigration. The Club had several restaurants and beer gardens. They even had Hofsbrau Beer on tap. Lulu had a morning beer - the last thing I need to do is drive with a beer in me. The line at the sausage vendor extended around the building. 

We are watching wall to wall coverage of the Queen's death - and the new King Charles III. They made a big fuss of Charles and Diana when they visited here. Some say Diana kept Australia in the hold for a bit longer. 

Water Temp is 65 in Bateman Bay

These beaches are crowded in summer. 

The Highlands come down to the sea.

The Court House in Braidwood.

The Post Office in Braidwood. 

The Model A Ford rally is
coming this Thursday. 

National Theatre in Braidwood

I remember Bertie the Bunyip as a child

World War I Memorial

This is not my picture - 
we were there last week.

This VW truck at the German Social Club

A long line for German Sausages

We enjoyed a festival at the Harmonie
German Club

Stainless urinal. 

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