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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Life in Our Tallahassee Citrus Groves

These are our lemons
About 3 years ago - Lulu bought 4 citrus trees at Lowes and planted them. Within 6 months we had fruit on each tree. Each year it got better and better. Last Christmas - the grandkids planted a kumquat tree. No fruit on that yet. 

Up north - I always dreamed of a cold day of picking oranges and lemons fresh for breakfast. Now we have done that. I am not picky about eating - but I love a fresh lemon for my Lipton tea in the morning. We will get a few dozen lemons now - but my friend Bill - just 2  doors north of us - he gets thousands off his one tree - it is amazing. Some of them are as big as softballs. 

Grapefruits - our porch in the background
This is our new kumquat tree - no fruit this year
The Grove is a plot of land 24 x 24 - we used to have a metal pole building there. I wish I had the pole building now for our new camper. The pines needles are from our pine trees out front - I sweep them up and spread them here for mulch.

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