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Thursday, June 29, 2017

London - Cell Phone Service

I have internet at the apartment through
Sky Cable and internet on the iPhone
through O2
We got 5 GB data - 3000 mins of phone calls -
4000 texts for $25 for a month
We just bought cellphone chips for our iPhones. In Europe - you can have a different cell phone service company every month. No need for a contract - cancellation fee - up front charge - our separate taxes.

We did not even shop from store to store. We walked into the O2 store and bought the first one plan offered.

O2 is as big here as ATT is over in America.

The clerk offered us 2 GB data plans and 5 GB data plans. 2 GB was 15 pounds - 5 GB was 25 pounds. That includes everything - taxes - fees - even installation. It took about 2 minutes - and we were in and out of the store. We charged the 50 pounds total for 2 phones on our American Express card. Over here they never touch your credit card. They bring the point of sale machine to you - you put the card in - press the buttons - and they print out a bill.

We will be making very few phone calls here - except to each other and Joan. But the main reason we like our phones - it being able to read email - and surf the net on the go. I am also able to post stories on my web page from the phone - send pictures back live - and post on Facebook.

The actual phone chip is smaller than your finger nail. We kept our old ATT phone chips - we will put them back in our phones when we are on the plane heading home.

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