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Monday, June 26, 2017

ENGLAND - We Are Flying To London Tomorrow - For A Month

Little Venice in London features
canals and canal boats
Little Venice is rated 98 out of 100
for walkability - everything is local

Usually when we go to London - Lulu is teaching a course there for FSU. But this time it is strictly pleasure.

Tomorrow we fly to London for a month. It is hot and humid in Tallahassee in the summer. Although we love this town - during the summer the college students and legislature go home - leaving it a sleepy quiet balmy Southern town. It has become fashionable for many of the professors to find a summer distraction. Lulu and I have chosen London. It is the Capital of the Free World.

Please - no warnings about trouble in London. Even with the recent news - London is now only 10 times safer than New York City. We feel safer there than we do here.

Normal days in the summer in Tallahassee reach the mid-90s. We have been blessed with beautiful breezy sunny mid-70s days while in London. Can you believe I am packing long sleeve shirts and pants - even a sweater and jacket?

This year we are staying in a very fashionable apartment in Little Venice. It is a section of London - close to downtown - between Hyde Park and Regents Park. You can see the apartment here -


Knowing Lulu and I - you know we can't afford that - and are not paying for it. I cannot release the full story without permission - but we are guests.

I have enough frequent flyer miles on Delta to get there free. We fly from Tallahassee to Atlanta to Heathrow.

While we are there we plan a trip to Durham to attend the famous Miners Union Parade. Lulu also wants to make a side trip to Switzerland to hike the Alps in the summer.

Our apartment is in Warrington Gardens - floor 4
We are just north of Paddington Station
The apartment has 2 BR - 2 BA - balconies 

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