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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Walking Around in Barcelona

Today we spent 5 hours touring Barcelona. Tomorrow we fly to Majorca.

We landed in Barcelona about 10 AM their time. We were pretty tired and Lulu had a great hotel close to the airport for us to unwind. We napped for a few hours and then took a bus downtown.,

The Barcelona Art Museum sits high on a hill - with a very impressive view of the town. We hiked up there in the dark. It was closed but it provides a wonderful view of the city.

Built in 1929 - the Barcelona Art Museum features Catalonia Art. Catalonia was at one time its own country - all the way up to the Spanish Civil War.

We stopped in the mall connected to our hotel. Vodafone gave us 1 GB phone chips for $10 each. they even loaded them into our phones and got us online. That is a lot of work for a measly $10.

View of Barcelona from the art museum

This was a bull fighting arena. Then they gutted it and made a shopping mall.

This is the inisde of the Bull Ring Mall.

In the bull ring mall downtown.

On top of the  bull fight arena is a ring of restaurants. We had a nice supper of tapas - several ala carte main courses. We had sausages - breaded fried olives - salads - etc. Prices are low - 5 entries - 2 beers - 29 euros.

The government area including the Barcelona Congress.

We took the local bus from this plaza back to our hotel - about 5 miles.

A dog walk area from the top of the arena.

A central park in Barcelona.

Sagrada Família

designed by Antoni Gaudi. They started in 1882 - it is suppose to be done by 2028. The spend $25 million a year in private funds to build it. This was taken form miles away on top of the arena. We visited it 2 years ago. It is one of the most impressive buildings I have seen. It is not my style - but it is amazing. 

See our visit to the cathedral here -

We enjoyed sunset in the city onto of the bull fight arena.

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