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Friday, March 03, 2017

Not A Fortnight in Majorca - But Two Crazy Nights

The cathedral at Palma

Our short flight to  Majorca cost $34 total - Norwegian Air
Sometimes it is really funny why you pick a place to visit. For the last 10 years I have been looking for an excuse to go to Majorca - Mallorca - Maiorca - they are all the same place - just spelled differently by different countries. Majorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It has mountains - palm trees - and one very large city - Palma. The British and Germans love to come here for sunny long holidays. 

My favorite play is Billy Elliot - about a coal miner’s son who wants to learn ballet. In the play - the British coal miners are on strike. The mine police and the miners are singing a union song back and forth at each other. It rang a bell for me because my Dad was a striking miner - and I was a striking teacher. The mine police are teasing the miners to keep the strike going because the police were making plenty of extra overtime money. They sing - 

Keep it up till Christmas lads,
It means a lot to us
We send our kids to private school.
On a private bus

We've got a lot to thank you for
Geordie you're a corker
A nice extension on the house and a fortnight in Maiorca
Solidarity, solidarity
Solidarity forever

The Brits need all the sunshine they can get - and Majorca is really popular during the summer season. The airport is huge and hosts 24 million travelers a year. In the summer months - it is as busy as Heathrow and Gatwick. Our flight from Barcelona was barely in the air before we were getting ready to land. Since we were going to be in Valencia Spain - this was a perfect time killer. The cost to come out here was $34 each on Norwegian Air. At this time of the year - the airport is like a ghost town.

Instead of a fortnight in Majorca - we will spend two nights in downtown Palma - along with the other 400,000 residents here. We walked the sunny streets today - it reached 73 degrees. It the sun it seemed much hotter than that - and in the shade it was chilly. The Med Sea water is cold - we may walk the beach tomorrow - but I doubt we will enter the water. You never know with Lulu. 

Lulu got a very nice 4 start hotel for $110 a night. It includes a giant buffet breakfast that will be my tomorrow's story. Even the mini-bar drinks in the room are on the house. We have an 8th floor balcony. It only has one tiny little elevator - it is right outside our room for quick access. Maybe 4 people can squeeze in it. 

We had lunch at an Italian Restaurant and an afternoon drink at a British pub. The streets could be anywhere in Madrid - Venice - Rome - Paris - with cute little shops - and high end fashion stores. 

We rented a car for tomorrow and plan to drive out in the countryside. When flying over the island - we saw plenty of cute little roads and hedgerows just like the English countryside. An Enterprise car for a day was 42 euros total. They drive on the right side of the road here - so it should be easy to get around. 

Norwegian Air had nice Boeing 737 planes - leaving Barcelona

Palma Airport was empty during off season

Palma has a giant modern airport

I loved this Citroen trunk

This is the canal from our hotel balcony. Bus from airport was 5 euros

Mountains in the  distance form our balcony.

This canal handles mountain runoff - prevents floods

The Royal Palace downtown

The Palma Cathedral

Palma Cathedral

The old city was fortified along Med Sea

Canons could be rolled up the ramps

The park along the Med Sea

Lots of wonderful little shops - few shoppers

A memorial to priests in the cathedral

Moorish architecture around the cathedral

Lulu at the Palm Center

Palma City Hall

The old town had narrow winding streets and steps

Harry felt at home at Scalpers.

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