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Thursday, March 30, 2017

European Hymer Buys Roadtrek Motor Homes

For years - whenever we have gone to Europe we have admired the Hymer Camper. They are very compact and rather spartan. I always said I wish I could bring one home. Well watch what you wish for.

Lulu and I owned several Class B Motor Homes - the last one was made in Canada by RoadTrek. RoadTrek campers are designed to be able to use them in winter.

The big news is Hymer has bought RoadTrek. They are building a fantastic camper right here in America called the Hymer Sunlight.  It is 19 feet long - and costs $70k. It can park at a regular parking space. Outside it looks like a regular van. Inside there are two beds - a kitchen - and a bathroom with shower. It is too tall to go in a regular garage door - but with no decorations on the outside - it could spend the night anywhere a car can.

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