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Friday, March 10, 2017

Day 9 - The Train To Barcelona - Cruise Leaves Friday

The train with the big nose brought us to Barcelona 
Supper in Placa Real in the Gothic quarter

It is 11 AM on Friday in Barcelona. We left our hotel of the dependability of a stronger wifi signal at McDonalds. Our hotel signal last night was so sporadic - we could barely watch the FSU/VT game on our sling box. It was 1 AM here as the game started and we both dozed off - but saw the end of the game. 

We had gone to a grocery store and bought cereal - milk - bananas for a light breakfast. 

We can board our Costa Cruise ship anytime between 2 PM and 4 PM - we are about 2 miles from the Terminal D - where we depart. 

The train from Valencia was very nice - it took about 3 hours. It hugged the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. We saw many pretty homes overlooking the sea. In some places there were summer camps of cabins and trailers. We did not see a lot of people along the coast. In some place the beaches were rocky - not many real sandy beaches like Florida. 

The train had 10 cars - we were in the first car. The restaurant was in the last car. We had lunch there. The train had electrical outlets - but no wifi. We used some of our Spain data plan. The train was full - all 10 cars. 

Near our there was a place that rented electric scooters and bikes. There was quite an array of sturdy looking scooters. 

Internet is expensive on the ship - so my posts will be smaller and less frequent. I have used 560 MB of my 1000 MB that I bought on Spanish cell phone. the phone will not work now until we come back to Barcelona in a week. I guess you could say we are roughing it then without data on the ship. Lulu and I will have to talk :-)

Last night we had supper at Place Real - the picture of us was taken there. 

White Prius taxis as far as the eye can see. 

USA Jeep for 54000 euros

Very nice electric scooters

Another nice electric scooter - big battery

This scooter sat one person inside

Nice two wheel electric

Rental scooter web page

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