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Friday, March 03, 2017

Day 3 - Flying to the Island of Majorca

This was our hotel in Barcelona for 75 euros.

The hotel had a beautiful pool.

It is Friday morning at 9 AM - we are at the airport in Barcelona waiting for our flight to the Island of Majorca. We are flying on Norwegian Airlines for a total of $68 for two of us. I slept from 11 PM  to 7 AM and feel pretty good. We had breakfast in bed - got our showers - and caught the hotel shuttle to the airport.

It is overcast today and in the high 50s. According to the Koppen Climate System - they have a Mediterranean climate here - similar to Southern California. This morning after our showers - we noticed that your hair dries very fast here. A neat feature I never saw before was the heated mirror in the bathroom. It never fogs up!

We slept last night with the windows open - no screens - and the heat and AC off. The window was about 5 feet tall and maybe 7 feet wide. It hinged inward - and you could have it wide open or any step in between. Spain does not have a lot of fossil fuels - so energy is expensive. In order for the appliances to work in your room - you must insert your room key in a wall slot. When you leave the room - it shuts off everything. Gasoline at first appears cheap at 1.2 euros until you figure out that is for a liter which is about a quart. Doing the math - that is roughly $5 a gallon. Even at that rate - there are more and more large vehicles and SUV’s. The Mercedes bus that brought us to the airport was a diesel and it had a 6 speed manual transmission. What a really nice bus for 20 people.

The flight to Palma - Majorca - Spain - is 55 minutes. It is funny to be flying on a Norwegian Airline between two cities in Spain. We went through security easily - we are waiting at the gate now. We did not show a passport yet for ID. We have our tickets on our iPhones - so we just showed them.

It is great having use of your iPhones - not as much for calls - we can call each other - but for use of the computer features. We are paying 10 euros for 1 GB of data service. When we are on wifi - we can watch our TV from home. If we would do that on our data plan here - it would eat up all our data in a few shows. We simply took out our ATT simm chips and replaced them with Vodafone chips. The iPhone maps are a godsend when walking over here and using public transportation. All of a sudden you know where you are going.

It is 9:45 AM. We are sitting in a lobby in the airport - waiting for our flight at 11 AM. We have free wifi so I will post this story - and Lulu can enjoy her coffee.

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