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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Day 2 - Landed Safely in Barcelona Spain

This morning we woke up to sun on
the snow covered Pyrenee Mountains.

We left our home in Tallahassee at 11 AM. Our flight was 1 PM but we did not want to be held up going through Security. We were the only ones in line so that was fast. We each carried one bag and had a backpack. That was all the security we saw until Barcelona.

The flights to Atlanta and then to New York City were full but landed on time. We had a nice flight from NYC to Barcelona. It left JFK Airport at 8 PM - we had supper in the air and went to sleep. We awoke to the Pyrenee Mountains in Spain. We had a tailwind so the flight was only 7 hours. Our Boeing 767 - was very smooth the whole way. We had facemasks on and slept through the breakfast they offered.

Barcelona has a big new airport. We went through customs in a blink. They asked no questions - just stamped our passport and away we went. Lulu had booked a hotel near the airport with a free shuttle. So now we are in our hotel room relaxing. It is clear and sunny here - in the low 60s. There is a McDonalds next to our hotel - so I got something to eat. They had a machine there that squeezed whole oranges for your drink. It took about 4 oranges per cup of juice. Lulu needed her black coffee to start the day.

We will tour around the city a little bit today. Tomorrow - we catch a Norwegian Air flight to Majorca. The flight cost is $68 total for 2 people. Majorca is Spain's biggest island - it is about 200 miles from here. We will stay in the city of Palma in Majorca. It is not small - about 400,000 people.

Majorca is a popular vacation spot for people from Germany and England. We have a hotel for two nights in Majorca - then we fly to Valencia Spain. We will be there for 5 days. Lulu has a conference there. Also - FSU has a campus in Valencia. We have visited the FSU campuses in London and Florence Italy. We have not visited the 4th one yet in Panama.

I am a little tired - so I am going to rest now. These pictures were taken with my iPhone.

I am guessing this is Igualada

Barcelona Airport is huge.
You can see the Med. Sea in the back.
This McDonalds Cafe squeezed
each glass of orange juice fresh.
I am guessing they are
Valencia oranges. 

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