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Friday, March 17, 2017

Day 17 - Cruise Complete - Back in Barcelona - Flying Home Tomorrow

Our one week cruise of the Mediterranean Sea is over. It was a very nice. We are at the Rennaisance Hotel in Barcelona for a rest between the cruise and our flights home. We have a spectacular room on the 18th floor overlooking the city.

The best part is being back to really fast free Internet. Also our iPhones work on the Spain Vodafone system. You really miss those services on the ship.

So far on our trip we have visited these cities - Atlanta - New York - Barcelona - Palma (Majorca) - Valencia - Barcelona - Marseilles - Savona - Genoa - Naples - Palermo (Italy) - Vattelli (Malta) - and back again to Barcelona. We fly home through - Amsterdam and Atlanta on Delta. We hope for a bump.

It is hard to pick a favorite place. Each one had wonderful highlights. I am guessing we might return to Malta for a longer stay. First - we like its old world charm and history. Second - the British influence and the English Language. Third - the weather. Fourth - a good jumping off to other places with cheap flights.

We traveled with one carry-on suitcase and one backpack. We had more than enough. I could have left maybe 5 clothing items home. Even Lulu - with all her fancy conference clothes - had enough room to buy a pair of Italian shoes.

We did not spend a lot of money. On ship we paid for a few mixed drinks - a little casino work - and a Facebook connection. Off ship - we bought some meals - rental car - taxis - some gifts - trinkets - and Lulu's shoes.

Since we were already in Spain for a conference - it was a cheap way to see several cities and countries - with a nice moving hotel and restaurant. Our next cruise will probably be in Baltic Sea during the middle of the summer season. There are cruises that cover Germany - Norway - Sweden - Finland - Denmark - Russia - Latvia - etc. If we are over to Europe on a mission to England or Germany - it would be a nice side trip.

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