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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Day 1 - Lulu Is Taking Me To Europe for 20 Days

George took us to the Tallahassee Airport.
Notice - we each have
 one carry-on bag and one backpack
Notice how tough it is going through
 security. We were the only ones in line. 
Lulu has a conference in Valencia Spain. As long as we are going on a long flight - we decided to extend it to 20 days. It now includes a visit to the Island of Majorca - and a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea. 

We will be watching the NCAA March Madness Basketball thingy using our Slingbox connection - Apple TV - - and

Trip to Europe - 
March 1 - Barcelona Spain
March 2 - Majorca
March 3 - Majorca 
March 4 - Majorca
March 5 - Valencia Spain
March 6 - Valencia Spain
March 7 - Valencia Spain
March 8 - Valencia Spain
March 9 - Valencia Spain
March 10 - Barcelona Spain
March 11 - Marseilles France
March 12 - Savona Italy
March 13 - Naples Italy
March 14 - Palermo Sicily
March 15 - Malta
March 16 - Med Sea Cruise
March 17 - Barcelona Spain
March 18 - Flying home
March 19 - Tallahassee 

The trip is divided into 3 segments. First we will fly to Barcelona - then catch a cheap flight to the Island of Majorca. After a couple days there - we fly to Valencia Spain for 5 days - the site of Lulu's conference. After that we have a one week cruise of the Mediterranean - stopping in France - Italy - Sicily and Malta. Finally - we head home from Barcelona. The one week cruise is with Costa. We got a double size balcony room for $500 per. 

We will visit Marseilles France - Savona Italy - Naples Italy - Palermo Sicily - Malta - on the cruise. 

This trip is a prequel of Lulu's sabbatical which begins in April 2017 and goes to September 2018. 

Watch here for daily pictures and stories.

Here is my packing list - no checked bags
travel list 
nasal spray
eye cup
business cards  
cell phone  
cell phone charger 2
computer cord  
CPAP machine  
credit cards  
extension cords
driver license  
long pants 3
shave cream  
shirts dress  4
shirts tee  2
shoe inserts
swim suit   
socks  5
suit case  
tooth brush  
tooth paste  
underwear  5
MacBook case
camera charger
camera battery 2
camera chip reader
camera case
tripod 2
bluetooth remote
aaa battery 2
key drive
usb cord
camera cord
apple tv
apple tv remote
apple tv cords
light sweater 2
light rain coat

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