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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Our Electric Consumption - Tallahassee Public Utilities

Tallahassee Utilities is owned by the city. It makes 95% of our electricity using natural gas. 5% is made at our hydroelectric dam just west of town. Recently they reduced the price of electricity because the price of natural gas has fallen thanks to the process of fracking.

We use electricity to heat and cool this home. We do have a tankless gas water heater. We leave 14 LED bulbs on outside all night long.

Above is our chart of electric consumption and the cost. This is for a new home of 4600 square feet if you include the garage. Just 2 people live here. We spent Feb - Mar - Apr in Germany but we left the thermostat set at 75.

Tallahassee has been given awards for being the best publicly owned utility in America. I know it is comparing apples and oranges - but stack this up to your electric bill.

PS - This bill also includes charging our Nissan Leaf Electric Car every night.

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