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Monday, May 30, 2016

The Ride Home From Tuskegee and Auburn Took Us Thru Columbus GA - And Down Route 27 Home

US Infantry Museum 
Chattahoochee River kayaking very popular
with dam water releases
Columbus GA sits on the Fall Line - therefore it became a very important industrial city during the Industrial Revolution. The city has about 200,000 people and is becoming a popular tourist destination. Just south of town is Fort Benning - where the USA trains its infantry. The fort pumps a lot of cash into the city.

The city built a long river walk along the Chattahoochee which was buzzing with activity. Lots of kayakers were leaving the river there. 

We took Route 27 all the way from Columbus to Tallahassee. We had not put any gasoline in the van and this area was surprisingly desolate on the way home. Our gauge read only 3 miles left the we arrived in Lumpkin GA - where we filled up. There were very few cars on the highway and even fewer businesses along the way. The gently rolling terrain was covered by mixed softwood and hardwood forests. 

The new Honda van performed flawlessly. It is very quiet and has a comfortable ride. The seats provide many adjustments with a good field of view. Two cameras watch the road behind you and aside you. We got 28 miles per gallon going to Tuskegee and got about 25 miles per gallon coming home. The trip was 475 miles in all. The gas tank holds 21 gallons - at 25 mpg it would cover 525 miles. If we started with a full tank we could have made the whole trip without refilling. 

Something new to deal with - LDW - Lane Department Warning. Simple there is a camera that watched the road in front of you. When you get out of your lane without using the turn signal - it beeps. It prevents you from accidentally straying into another person's path. You can turn it off with a button. Many of the roads we traveled on had very narrow lanes - which set off the warning quiet a bit. Lulu likes it because the car was yelling at me - not her. She did not like it nearly as much when it would warn her. 

The rear and side cameras are wonderful. They give you a bright - clear -color - view of the road behind you and aside you. It prevents me from cutting in front of people in my blind spots. the older you get - the more blind spots you have :-)

So - our first road trip in the van is history. We both love the van - we look forward to many long safe trips north. It is not a motor home - but it has lots of room for passengers and booty. We liked spending the night in Alabama in a 4 star Marriot. We think we made the right choice. 

We are having a lottery to see how many months we keep the van :-)

Fort Benning infantry training center

The river rises 6 feet when water is released

Military motorcycle

George Patton's sweatshirt
Kayaker getting ready for water release
Longest urban kayaking course

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