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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Old Ford For $50,000 At Cass Burch Chrysler in Quitman

See this Ford Roadster at Cass Burch
Chrysler in Quitman GA

Last week I went to Quitman GA to see the new Pacifica van. But in the showroom I stumbled across this beautiful old Ford Roadster. I did not ask much about it except the price - which is $50,000. 

I think it is a 1932 Ford Roadster. It has undergone a complete - frame off restoration.They replace the original Ford flathead V8 with a modern Ford Mustang V8. The suspension - wheels - tires - and brakes were upgraded to support the added horsepower. 

The entire car looks better than new. It is one of those tweeners - perfectly restored - but upgraded. Every boy growing up in America at one time dreamed of having one of these fine roadsters. this is a real Ford - not a replicar.

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