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Monday, May 09, 2016

My School Buddy - GARY MILLER - Needs A Kidney

Harry and Gary - two coal crackers many years later

We visited Gary at his home in Miami -
this was the club house not his home

226 - One of my best friend while going to North Ward - Tamaqua Junior High - and Tamaqua High School was Gary Miller. From 1954 to 1966 - when I looked around the classroom - Gary was there. 

In 1954 - in my first day at North Ward School - the teacher was walking me to my desk. The minute she turned her back - I looked around and there was a piece of candy in the pencil holder. That was Gary's welcome to the class for me. 

We lost contact as he went to Penn State and I went to Kutztown. After college - he went to NYC to become a big fashion importer. The next time I noticed him was in the GEM Designs advertisements in Playboy Magazine. 

Many years later - we reconnected on the Internet - and we visited each other in Miami and Tallahassee. Today - Gary lives in New York City - with his family - kids and grandkids. 

He is a coal regions success story. In Tamaqua - he lived in the apartment above his parents - Miller Dress Store - next to the old Mosers News Agency. 

Now Gary is in need of a new Kidney. It must be a genetic thing - because Gary seldom drank alcohol. If you can help Gary in any way - call 718-431-9831 or write to

At his daughter's wedding 

Morgan and her Dad - Gary Miller

At the wedding with Gary

Gary needs a kidney now.

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