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Friday, May 20, 2016

Fountainhead Motel - Miami Beach - Our Honeymoon

In June it will be 45 years since we spent our honeymoon at this motel in Miami Beach FL. It was right on the sand and it cost $8 a night.  We spent almost a month there until we decided to come back home and resume our lives. Today - it is torn down and a Trump Hotel is there. 

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Patricia Fers said...

My parents spent their honeymoon at the FountainHead and told me the fee was 6 dollars a night. My dad was so nervous about the cheap cost that he paid for the room each day in cash. My mom and I stopped there in the early 90s and talked to the owner. It was so neat to share in my parents happy time before I entered their lives. It meant a lot.

PFers, Connecticut