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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Lulu Bought Me A Drone For My 67th Birthday

This is a file photo of my little quad copter.
This is a photo sent back from the drone of the woods where she is presently resting.
Last night Lulu and I built a blaze in the fire pit - and were about to roast hot dogs - at dusk. I just turned 67 - Lulu bought me a little electric quad copter for my birthday to fly by radio control. I was just getting the hang of it and was showing off - I wanted it to go right but pushed left - and it took off out over the high pines. I quickly cut the power and it fell. The little white plastic thing is just over a foot wide and has two red and two green LED lights on it. I could not find it. I bothered the neighbor's kids to help. They loved my plight. I turned on the controller to see if they could hear the props. One young lady looked straight up - the lights were flashing in a 100 foot tall pine tree - and my chopper was on the top branch. I could still make the motor and lights work with the radio control - so the copter would flounder but not break loose. I went back home - knowing my chopper was safe. Now I must figure out how to get it down. Lulu and I went back to roasting hot dogs and she added a little wine. We pointed our chairs to the west - the sun was long set - but we could see the little red and green LED lights blinking in the pine tree. Is this how they celebrate a late Christmas in Florida?

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