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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Just Watched LaSalle Beat VCU In Double Overtime - Saw My Son - Grandson - And Old Neighbor Lee Schilling On TV

My grandson right behind the coach of LaSalle - picture taken from my television.

Our old Tamaqua - Catawissa Street neighbor - Lee Schilling is an alumni and booster of the La Salle Explorers basketball team. When he found out they were playing in Richmond VA - he contacted our family and left tickets at the "will call" for my son and grandson. The tickets were excellent - Row A - right behind the LaSalle coach. 

The game was close the whole way - VCU had their 62nd straight sellout crowd. The game was extended in double overtime - LaSalle won. This was a touch ticket. 

Lee and my son enjoying the action

Old neighbors enjoying their favorite sport together.

It was way past bedtime - particularly on a school night. Lee and the LaSalle team have a long bus ride home to Philly - but it will be an exciting one. 

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