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Monday, November 03, 2014

Improved Civic Center - Saw FSU Beat Embry Riddle University

Just got home from Civic Cnter - first boys basketball game. We beat Division II Embry Riddle University of Daytona by 20. 

The "Renovation" is nothing spectacular. They replaced the seats with new garnet leather ones. They replaced the scoreboards and put better big screens up - clearer. 

The lights were brighter - they just cleaned the old ones. 

Not just me - but the sound system is still horrible.   They put a whole bunch of these ribbon light boards - and they are a horrible distraction. Some of them are down along the floor by the scorer's table - horrible horrible horrible.

They renumbered the arena sections now - not letters - but numbers. Sections 101 and 113 are at half court. 

The corner scoreboards are nicer - but nowhere can you count the team fouls - only the fouls of the players on the floor. 

I can't tell if the team is any better - they were playing Embry Riddle.

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