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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Homecoming Parade At Florida State This Afternoon

This afternoon - Lulu and I rode our scooter over to the parade route. It was a beautiful clear day with a temperature around 70. Tomorrow FSU plays the University of Virginia. Our Seminoles are undefeated this seasoned ranked number 2 in the nation. 
Osceola on Renegade led the way. They will in the stadium at 6:30 PM tomorrow night to plant the spear. 
The honorary leader of the parade was 35 year baseball coach Mike Martin. Our baseball field has already been named after him.I forget how many games he has won as coach - but never a World's Series.
This is John Thrasher - the new president at Florida State. On Tuesday he was also elected to the Florida Senate - where he says he will resign. The driver of the car is DeVoe Moore. He is a local multi-millionaire. Besides owning one of the finest collections of cars in the USA - he has given over $50 million to his alma mater - FSU. He is on the board and largely responsible for hiring Thrasher. He funded his own way through FSU with a pickup truck made up like a blacksmith shop - that he used to shoe horses. 
This big drum sits by the statue down at the stadium before every game for fans to enjoy. 
The belly dancing club loves to perform. 
Miss Florida USA

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