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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We Saw Jimmy Buffett At The Moon Down The Street For Free

About one hour ago I was enjoying Jimmy Buffett at The Moon down Seminole Drive
About 1/2 mile down Seminole Drive is The Moon. It is an old A and P Store turned into a nightclub. We have seen many cool acts there.

Tonight we rode our scooter to the club to see Jimmy Buffett. Bob Graham's daughter Gwen is running for US Congress and Jimmy Buffett did a free concert to support her campaign. The place holds maybe 500 people - but we were able to walk up to within 15 feet of the stage.  We left our house at 6:15 - we thought the concert was to start at 7:00. At 6:30 - down went the lights and up went the show.

Gwen Graham and Bob her father - introduced Jimmy Buffett and his 3 piece band. It was just two guitars and a light set of drums - no sticks. Most of the folks there knew all the words to the songs - and did not seem too concerned about the election. Heck - Lulu and I already voted yesterday. But the music was nice - the atmosphere fantastic.

At 7:15 - the lights went up and we got on our scooter and were home before 7:30.

My pictures and video got pretty good.

Yes - we both voted for Gwen Graham - I think.

Gwen Graham is running for Congress. Funny - I was processing the pictures using iPhoto - it did not know the two Grahams - and it thought that was me in the middle. Now - who is more famous?

Free tickets were available at the Gwen Graham for Congress office 

GwenGraham and Bob Graham

You may remember Bob Graham - he was governor of Florida - US Senator for Florida - he even ran for US President. He looks like Jim Thorpe - both Jim and Bob are Cherokee Indian. Some Cherokees ran away from North Carolina to Florida and became Seminoles.

Jimmy Buffett did a great 45 minute set of his hits.

Lulu the Parrot Head

You can see Jimmy photobombing between our heads.

The three piece band was enjoyed by a crowd of maybe 500 - a very old crowd. Most of them knew all the words.

Jimmy also supports amendment 2 - medical marijuana. It must get 60% of the vote to pass. Democrats are for it - Republicans against it. 

After the last song - we hopped on our scooter and were home in a couple minutes.

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