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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Spending Friday On Peter's Electric Boat

The Electra is a 50 foot long electric powered yacht - presently harbored at Shell Point - with a future home on the Hudson River on Coxsackie NY.

While we were there we had a downpour - Peter kept working while I held the umbrella.

My friend Peter owns an electric boat. This is not a toy we are talking about - the Electra is 50 feet long. It had two 12 horsepower golf cart engines and 24 golf cart batteries. It has two luxury cabins that include a kitchen and a bathroom. Almost the entire deck is covered ala the African Queen.

I met Peter thru Lulu - he works at FSU. Peter is a toy collector. He has several boats - cars - scooters - and sports cars. If you keep the score on the number of toys a man has when he dies - Peter will win. He also has a very tolerant wife.

They are moving to a mansion on the Hudson north of the New York City. His retired wife is already getting that place in order. Peter plans to take the Electra up there. It will either be towed by a truck - which is expensive - or sailed up the inter-coastal waterway along the Atlantic. Either decision will be an adventure.

In case you are interested - the cost to dock a boat this large at Shell Point is a little less than $500 a month. Lulu reminds me that I could easily heat a pool to 90 degrees for that amount.

Friday - Peter was working on the batteries and engines. I can't stay away from electric cars - and this is my disease on a whole other level. What I like about Peter is that he enjoys a challenge. He loves to tinker. And I would not bet against this ship cruising up and down the Hudson at this time next year.

2006 Story About Peter's Boat

Beautiful Mahogany woodwork - I am guessing today this boat would cost a million dollars to build.

The gauges tell you the state of charge of each battery.

The brass star steers the Electra - the two red throttles control the 2 - twelve horsepower motors.

The 2 gauges tell you the amps going to each motor. The radio is used to call for help.

This heron enjoyed watching us work in the rain.

This view reminds me of Nixon's Presidential Yacht - the Sequoia - the one Jimmy Carter sold.

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