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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

citEcar - Some Neat Electric Cars made in Gainesville

This little bus could squeeze in 12 people but it was too heavy to qualify for the NEV Act in Florida.

On Sunday on the way home from Disneyworld - Lulu and I stopped in Gainesville to see some electric cars. You all know how gaga I am over electric vehicles - and I am in search of the perfect electric one for me. Yes - I went to see the Tesla in Casselberry and Miami - but at $75,000 and up - it is more than I want to spend for a toy. These cars are in a much more favorable price range. The ones I saw ranged from $8000 to $13,000. 

Electric cars have not made the big stride yet in battery life. In 1974 - I drove an electric car that went 25 miles at 25 miles per hour. You plugged it in at home every night - and were able to drive to work safely - if you only worked about 10 miles from home. 

Florida passed a new law allowing golf cart style cars on the street - but only if they had safety stuff on them and a license plate. I already have a golf cart - but my street driving days await a cop stopping me and fining me for no tag. I would like to be able to legally and safely take my cart to FSUand the stadium. 

The NEV Act states you can put an electric vehicle on the streets with speed limit of 35 or less. I could shop - go to restaurants - go to football games - basketball games -etc - with one. 

This one was prices right at $8500. It went 50 miles at 25 MPH. It sat 6 people and has a roof over all 6 seats. It has lights - belts - mirrors - windshield - etc.

The Bubble Buddy is more like a car. It cost about $11,000.

This was a custom Bubble Buddy at $12,000.

The dash has a speedometer - battery meter - light switches - horn - turn signals.

Lulu liked this blue 6 seater. 

Note the fake wood dash board and digital gauges.

A "gas" pedal and brake make it stop and go.

I loved this truck but again it was too heavy for the NEV Act to be put on the street.

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