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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Working Man's Segway - The Zap Pro-Flex 500

I love electric vehicles mainly because they are so quiet and cheap to run. Too bad they are not cheap to buy. 

A Segway - the computer driven 2 wheeled stand up vehicle costs around $5000. For Father's Day last year - Drew bought me a Segway tour in Richmond. It was a lot of fun - but $5000 prevents me from investing. 

I visited Camping World in Panama City last week. They had a cool little vehicle called the Zap Pro-Flex 500. It is a simple little electric tricycle that you can ride standing up or sitting down. It has snappy performance. Lulu and I both rode one. 

It has a 500 watt / 48 volt electric motor in the front wheel that provides snappy performance. It goes 15 miles per hour for 20 miles. Then you plug it in at night for 4 hours for a full recharge. It does not require a license plate- nor a driver's license. 

It comes with a horn - a headlight - and a electric gauge to tell you how much power you have left. The price of $850. 

If you ride it standing up - it looks much less like a handicap scooter. I wonder if Medicare would fund one of these. :-)

It also folds up to store it in your car - but it weighs 100 pounds - I would not want to lift it. 

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