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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tallahassee to New Orleans to Tallahassee - All In One Day - I am Home Now

This is a double decker Megabus. I went from Tallahassee to New Orleans in 6 hours - about 400 miles. Add an hour for time zones.

Bourbon Street looks like this at 6 am. I was driving north on Canal Street

The day was one big blur. Just after midnight Lulu dropped me off at the Tallahassee Bus Terminal. Minutes later the Megabus pulled in. Lulu had found me a one way ticket to New Orleans for $25. By 6 am I would be in the Crescent City. 

The Megabus was pretty cool - cold really. Good thing I took a sweater and a blanket - because they kept the air conditioner turned down really cool. Also the lights were completely out for the most of the trip. I took a seat in the upper deck. The seats do not adjust much and I was squirming most of the night finding a good position. I used our FSU blanket to make like a tent for both warmth and privacy. I sleep using a CPAP - and it looks like I am in intensive care in a hospital. Without it - I would have kept everyone awake with my catching of my breath. Each seat had two 110 volt outlets for computers - phones - and I guess CPAP machines. 

On the lower deck there was a bath room. They also had free wifi - but honestly I was so tired I never really got set up. The bus stopped a few minutes in Luxley Alabama and Mobile Alabama. Some people go on and off at each stop. 

Around 6 AM and sunrise we pulled into New Orleans. It did not seem like the bus was moving fast - but we made great time. The bus dumped us off downtown and there was a pile of people waiting to get on to go to the next stop. Lulu said if you buy early enough you can get seats for as low as $1. I bought my seat yesterday. I bought it online - and all the driver wanted to hear was a 5 digit code. At the 5th digit he said get in. 

Megabus uses discount bus stops  :-) People were waiting for the next bus. 

My ride picked me up to take me to Rainbow Luxury Imports in Covington LA. I never crossed the 26 mile bridge over Lake Ponchetrain before - it was pretty neat. 

When we got to the dealer - our car was in the showroom. Simply - I took the car for a test ride - looked it over - signed some papers - had a break for breakfast - then hopped in the car and drove home. 

I stopped a couple times for stretch breaks along the way. I drove to the beach at Gulf Shore and Biloxi - and went into the Beau Rivages Casino. It was not busy - looked a little runned down like Atlantic City. There were still tons of empty building lots along the beach from Katrina. 

From Biloxi - it was pretty well non-stop home except for the bathroom. When I got home - Lulu was waiting in the yard - and we went for a ride. She seemed pleased - my job was done - except for selling two of our old cars.

The seller filled the tank with 16 gallons of premium fuel - more than enough to cover the 400 miles trip home. I doubt that it will rival our 51 MPG Prius. 

I spent time at the bus stop waiting for my porter to arrive. It was about 8 blocks from Cafe Du Monde.

We took Canal Street north over the Ponchetrain Bridge to Covington LA. The bridge is 26 miles long. Canal Street has a street car all the way north - then it turns to Desire. Did you have hear of Street Car Names Desire? - well this is it.

The car was in the showroom - all ready to go. It is a BMW convertible with folding hardtop.

In Boloxi - the marina attached to the casino was empty. I stopped in the casino for a stretch break - free parking - I did not gamble - I had an ice cream cone. 

At 7 pm - Lulu and I put the top down for the first time - and went for a drive around town.

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