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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Our New Home Energy Consumption Is Low

We are very pleased with the energy consumption on the new house. When we designed it - we were very conscious of features that took advantage of the Florida climate. 

The above bill was for July. Our home has 2400 square feet on the first floor. It has another 1200 feet on the second floor. 

The home is lined with SucraSeal - expanded foam insulation. It has an R-60 rating in the roof and R-30 in the walls. There are no openings in the roof for vents - chimneys - etc. There is a two foot overhang of the roof all around the house for shade and rain protection. Two long porches shade the tall windows. The room ceilings are 10 feet high throughout. There are no ceiling fans.

The heat sump has a SEER rating of 19. The appliances are basic GE with low energy ratings. The water heater is an on demand Rennai tankless unit. All light bulbs are LED's that use 1/5th the power of a normal light bulb. The above chart says we used $16 for lighting for the month - that includes 10 porch lights that are left on at night. 

Tallahassee Utilities has been ranked the number one public utility in the USA. They offer all of these services on one bill - electric - gas - water - sewer - garbage - water runoff - fire protection. 

As you can see on the chart - the average bill for a home our size is $263. Ours was $143. As they say - of course your mileage will vary. 

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