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Monday, August 18, 2014

My 220 Volt London Tea Kettle

2 quarts of boiling hot water in 1 minute.

Note the plug and outlet with funny prongs. One prong is turned sideways.

Lowes has a nice assortment of plugs and outlets.

This is a 220 volt outlet.

Lulu is a coffee girl - but I like my tea. Lipton is just fine - no fancy flavors or colors - just the cheap stuff. A little lemon and Splenda rounds it all out. 

In London they power their outlets with 220 volts. Over there my tea kettle can boil 2 quarts in 1 minute. I am not just talking steam - I am talking a rolling boil. We usually go there every summer - and I usually bring home a new kettle. In Scotland - a derogatory term for a man that stays home while his wife works is a "kettle boiler." His job is to keep the home fires burning - and have hot water available for his working wife. I am a kettle boiler. 

when we built our new home - we had an extra circuit put on the kitchen counter for our tea kettle. Today I bought and American 220 volt outlet and plug. Note the different prongs so that you do not accidentally inert a 110 volt plug into the outlet - or plug the 220 volt appliance in to a 110 volt outlet. 

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