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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Craigslist - We Bought A City Gas Weber Grill for $110

Weber grill bought on Craigslist last night
Two burners - stainless counter top - Weber
Our old house had an electric grill on the back porch. Before that we always had a grill with a propane tank underneath that used to run out at the most in appropriate times. Our new home has city gas - we even put an outlet on the back porch for a grill and generator. 

We went to Home Depot to check out grills - they had a nice Weber grill for $399 - pretty basic - but the main thing was that it ran on city gas. After checking on Craigslist - we found the same model unit for sale for $165. It was about 12 miles away - so we put our carrier on the Prius and we went on a road trip. The seller lived in a nice house - he claimed that his new house did not have city gas - he had a new propane grill on his deck. 

I offered $100 and he came back with $110. Lulu said okay. No tax. No shipping. We loaded it up and brought it home. We stopped by Home Depot on the way to get a fitting to hook the grill up to our house. We got a quick release fitting - just one quick slide and it is off and it turns off the flow of the gas. I can use the same connection for a city gas generator that Honda makes.

Thermometer goes to 600 F

We cleaned it up it up in the dark. This morning I hooked it up to the gas line and away it went. It has two burners - even set at medium it pinned the thermometer at 600 degrees. 

Today Lulu will grill some chicken for supper - along with her foil potato bags. 

Yes I need to paint the city gas pipe - this shows the quick disconnect - no propane tanks to buy - it will also work during a power failure
When it is disconnected - the gas is shut off automatically. You can quickly store it inside when your travel.
Two burner controls and a a battery powered electric spark

Inside there is plenty of storage without a propane tank in the way. The unit is easy to roll without a heavy tank.

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