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Monday, April 14, 2014

The Metal Garage Was Gone in 8 Hours

At 8 AM this morning I woke up to see the work crew had started taking down the metal garage.

It took a crew of 4 men a total of 8 hours to disassemble the building. 

All pieces were marked so they could be put it back together. It had two 10 x 10 doors.

The building is made of a galvanized steel frame and painted steels sides and roof.

Our new garage was in front of the old building. We used to keep our motor home in the metal building. 

It was easier taking it down than putting it up because there was no cutting.

The last frame trusses went down easily.

The crushed stone floor will be removed and a garden will be planted there. Nothing will be left except memories. 

The whole garage fit on one flatbed trailer.

At 5 PM - down the road it went. 

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