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Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Uniforms - Some Folks Love Them - Some Will Get Used To Them

They look a lot like the stuff Maryland has been wearing. The new Seminole head looks like a white guy wearing war paint.

They now have garnet helmets for the first time - not just gold ones.

I will get used to them. I never like the old Seminole head before.

Last year the FSU uniform was picked best in the land. What does Nike do? They change them. The new ones are nice - the old ones were great - they have tradition.  The irony is the money men try to pass them off as being better to reproduce the colors - etc. But the real reason is Nike wanted to make more money - it bothers me when people do things for one reason - and say another more politically correct one. It is all about money.

The Seminole tribe approved them - and they must be pleased or we lose the name in a finger snap.

See the uniforms here -

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