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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lulu's Childhood Tamaqua Church Had Copper Pipes Stolen

Tamaqua PM Church

TAMAQUA — There is some good news coming from officials of a church in Schuylkill County. They will be able to hold worship services this Sunday. Services were cancelled last Sunday because of the work of vandals and thieves.
Plumbing crews are busy replacing copper pipe that was stolen last week from the Primitive Methodist Church on Hunter Street in Tamaqua.  Thieves broke in and made off with pipes that provided water for drinking and for the heating system.
The plumbing crew said it’s amazing that they have to replace 900 feet of copper pipe.
Dan Reigel of Reigel Plumbing and Heating said his men are dedicated.
“Everything is going better than what we thought. I have a bunch of hard working guys here that are committed to get the Primitive Church up and running again.”
Last week plumbers predicted it would take weeks to restore service to the church. Now they believe they’ll be done by Friday.
John Brode, the president of the church council explains that will allow church services to resume, which were cancelled this past Sunday.
“Devastation, I don’t know of missing a service in this church, except for my military time, very heartbroken, very sad.”
Besides pipe, the thieves made off with hundreds of pounds of meat from the food pantry.  Brode is not surprised.
“I think it’s a sign of the times. I think they’re desperate they’re on drugs, programs are being cut all over food stamps and LIHEAP,” Brode said.
There are more repairs going on besides replacing pipes. Fans and dehumidifiers hum along to dry carpets to prevent mold.
There is no word from police if they’re making progress at tracking down those who would damage and steal from the church in Tamaqua.

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