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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lulu Heads North For The American Association of School Librarians Convention in Hartford CT

It is 6 AM and 41 degrees at TLH Airport as Lulu embarks for the AASL convention. It feels like 2010 when Lulu was president of that esteemed organization - when she visited 35 school libraries in 35 states in 35 weeks. I felt like we should have had a VIP parking spot as I would drop her off for the early flight and sometimes wait for the midnight flight to take her home.

Now she is looking forward to meeting all those librarians again as they gather in Hartford for the conference. Since then - one of Lulu's students - Sylvia Norton has been named Executive Director of the Association. Lulu will have supper tonight with Sylvia - they have not been together since Sylvia moved to her lake front apartment in Chicago (movin' on up - that deluxe apartment in the sky) - the home of the AASL and their parent American Library Association. Lulu also has plans to watch the Florida State versus Syracuse football game with her other favorite student - Melissa Johnston. Johnston is now a library professor at the University of Alabama. Lulu has not seen Mimi since we had a visit in London this summer.

Lulu is proud of the new branch she has formed in the AASL - it already has 80 members - the retired school library media specialists.

It is great having an airport 10 minutes away from our front door. Tallahassee has direct flights to Atlanta - Washington - Dallas - Miami - Tampa - Orlando - Charlotte - Memphis - and Cincinnati.

I like that Lulu goes on these conventions - mainly because they pay for her miles and meals. When she is at conventions she is too busy to shop. Also - I am the guy in charge of the house project when she is gone - I get to make decisions. Now - what color do I want to paint those kitchen cabinets?

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