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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Jim and Leigh Got Engaged At Our House

Leigh and Jim return to the site of their first date - on the day they were engaged. 

We met Jim through Lulu's brother Jack. He loves the Seminoles and visited us this weekend to attend the Miami/FSU game. 

Jim was invited to watch the game from the President's Box. He brought along his girlfriend Leigh. 

Since Jim was given a parking pass to park in the President's Guest Parking Lot - we loaded up our camper with goodies and people and headed to the stadium. First - we dropped off Jim and Leigh at the president's home for a party. Then with George - Joel - Curt - Joan - we set up camp right next to the stadium. FSU completely demolished Miami. Usually we get into the game for $10 or $20 - but this game cost us $100 each. We got great seats on the 40 yard line.

In the morning - Jim and Leigh came in for breakfast from the guest house. We were knocked off our feet to learn that Jim had proposed marriage and Leigh accepted. 

Jim and Leigh were sweethearts at Florida State about 20 years ago. After graduating - they both married someone else. But after those marriages waned - they met up and have been together for a few years. 

We found out that their first date was to the Tallahassee Museum. So after a lunch down on the Gulf at Riverside - a visit to the Tallahassee Flea Market - we went to the Tallahassee Museum.

What a beautiful sunny day greets the young couple. 

Jim took this picture of Lulu and I on the porch of the Catherine Murat Plantation - Bellevue. 

Leigh is a law professor in Jacksonville FL. Jim is president and CEO of The Louver Shop - a national company specializing in interior plantation shutters. Jim will be manufacturing the window shutters of our new home. Jim has homes in Los Angeles and Atlanta. 

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