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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

House Day 68 - Building Doors From Scratch - Caulking and Painting

The painters were caulking outside when the weather allowed. They also have a first coat of paint on the inside walls and two coats of white on the ceilings. They will be doing the inside woodwork soon and then tackle the exterior.

Gary Wayne and Gary worked on the scuttle doors. 

Monday - It was cloudy and rainy. So most of the work was done under the protection of the porch or inside. 

Gary and Gary built 5 scuttle doors from scratch. Gary had some surplus pine bead board in his garage. We tried to build some doors that were similar to the scuttle doors in the Murat House. Scuttle doors are some opening that allow you access to the rafters - infrastructure - HVAC - etc. Up north we called them cubby holes. 

The painters put the first coat of paint on the inside walls in colors of Lulu's selection. Outside they caulked the cracks on the porch and around the eaves. 

Tomorrow a sample shutter will be installed. 
All the colors that Lulu selected are very light.  This is the master bedroom in light blue. This is looking east.

This is bedroom 2 in pale green. This is looking southeast.

 This is also looking southeast to show a closet in bedroom 3.

They constructed 5 scuttle doors from surplus pine bead boards. Everything is glued and nailed to keep its shape for years. 

Here is a scuttle door in place. They are about 2 feet by 4 feet. One scuttle door covers the tornado room also.

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