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Friday, November 15, 2013

House Day 67 - More Woodwork Done - Painters Started Inside Because of Rain

The carpenters were busy trimming the windows - doors - baseboards - steps - closets. The above window is in the northeast corner of the attic. Notice the attic walls and ceiling are white from the plaster skim coat. We do not intend to paint the attic. It would be very easy to spray the attic - just put plastic down on the floor and spray away. There is nothing in the way.  You could do the ceiling and walls all at once. 

Friday - The carpenter crew worked a half day - doing woodwork inside. Window trim - baseboard - steps trim - door trim - were the order of the day. 

The painters were outside caulking the house. Those guys can really control those guns. I am amazed they don't get that stuff all over themselves and everywhere else. When the rains started - they came inside and started masking for painting the ceiling. 

The ceilings will all be painted white. It is ironic because they are already white plaster - which is pretty enough for me. Since they are spraying the ceiling - they have to mask off all the windows and doors. 

We do not plan to paint the attic. When they blue walled the house - they put a skim coat of plaster on the entire wall. It looks very nice.

This is the master bedroom - they have masked off the windows to spray paint the ceiling. I think the painters will work over the weekend. 

Since we plan to stain the front door - they were careful to mask it off too. I think the living  room - kitchen - dining room will all be painted tan. 

I am not sure what all the colors of the house will be - but Lulu assured me that everything will be in muted tones - tan - blue - green - beige. The great room will be all one color. the attic will be unpainted.

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