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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Florida State Clobbers Wake Forest - Improves Record to 9-0

There were no clouds in the sky in Tallahassee this weekend. Osceola's spear was not lit - but FSU is 9-0 - this town is sure they will be playing in a game in the Rose Bowl in January.

Saturday - The Seminoles were on the road to Wake Forest in North Carolina. It was hard getting anything done Saturday morning. Kickoff was at noon on ESPN - no use getting all dirty before the game. After the game it was off to Josh and Melissa's for dinner - so it was a total unworking day - but then every day is un-working for me. 

Lulu and I were on the sofa in front of the Sony. There is nothing I like better than a big pot of Lulu's chicken potpie with scratch dumplings. To heck with the diet - it was time for Seminole football in Tallahassee. 

The Seminoles are steamrolling everybody. The town is giddy over Oregon getting beaten by Stanford - the stage is set - if FSU beats - Syracuse - Idaho - Florida - ACC Champ Opponent - they go to the national championship game in Pasadena. 

Drew and Keith were sending down text messages after the big plays. Those were followed by more talk as Duke scored 3 touchdowns near the end to beat North Carolina State. It would take a few breaks but there could be another Everhart Bowl in Charlotte with Duke playing FSU for the ACC Championship. 

The Seminoles intercepted 6 passes! They recovered 1 fumble. By halftime it was 35 - 0 and the chicken potpie was kicking in. Lulu was already snoring on the sofa and I was not far behind. The game ended up 59 - 3. The biggest highlight was when FSU's kicker Aguayo missed his first kick of the season. He had 66 in a row. 

In two weeks Drew and Jack are flying down to see the new house and the Idaho game. Drew and Lulu have tickets for the president's box - so we will be tailgating in the president's guest lot again. One of Lulu's former student also sent 4 extra tickets to the game - so Jack and I are set. 

Our friend Jim said he is renting a 7 bedroom beach house at Malibu for the Pasadena National Championship Game if FSU is in it. He has invited us along. Lulu wants to take the Roadtrek to California for the game - driving 32 hours each way. I would much rather fly. I do not want to think what they will want for the tickets. Jim better leaner that when you invite the Everhart - they always show up. 

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