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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 69 - Trial Shutter Installed - Lulu and the Garys Plan the Closets

There are 5 closets in the house. All shelves and cabinets are made from scratch. Believe it or not - here Gary - Gary - and Lulu - are in the master bedroom closet. They are laying out the fixtures. The master bedroom - bathroom - closet - laundry room - are all painted a very light blue. I think I was asked to leave the room here.

The Louver Shop hung a demonstrational shutter today. All 28 windows are 3 feet by 6 feet. Jim and Burkett thought it would be wise to hang one set of shutters before they built all 28. Good thing they did - because the tilt-in feature of the windows would not work with this shutter hardware. We have to come up with another solution. Of course Gary is champing at the bit to install them himself. He takes great pride in this house. I often say, "he don't want anyone hanging their balls on his Christmas tree."

The shutters are beautiful. The louver shop installed 4 sets in our present house about 7 years ago - and they still look and work great. On the inside you can see there are four sets of slats - two up and two down. Each set of slats can be controlled independently. The divider falls right in line with the window sash. The slats are 3.5" wide. The shutter are all filled plastic - so they will not warp - discolor - rot or swell.

The shutters from the outside looks great. Remember the Hardiboard frame will be painted white. The Nichibord siding will be painted medium dark khaki. With the shutters - there will not be any curtains in the whole house - and no blinds. 

While this was going on - the painters were caulking. 

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