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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Basketball Season Is Here - We Saw the Girls and Boys Play

The world famous FSU Golden Girls perform at almost every game. 
Boris Bojanovsky - our 7-3 center from behind the iron curtain is taking a foul shot. FSU has 3 seven footers - but they need work. I took this picture from our seats to show you the view. 

Friday - FSU had a rare double header last night. First at 5 PM - the girls team played and easily beat the University of North Carolina - Greensboro. We have passes to their games because the senior passes are cheap - and you can sit where you want. We sat in the front row across form the team's bench. George and Joel were already there. 

Next - we took a walk to Collegetown - a new complex by the stadium. We like the Brooklyn Bagels place there. They also have a whole menu of other things. Their New York Style Pizza is great. They also have a self-service soda foundation that has all kinds of syrups. You can make some nice mixes and have free refills. 

At 8 PM - the boys played Jacksonville University. Lulu bought a set of 4 season tickets for the boys game - 56 tickets in all.  The value on the tickets is $1400 - we paid about ¼ that. The seats are good - not spectacular - but they are right near the door and close to the bathroom  :-)  The boys easily won their game. I stood outside and sold one of our extra tickets for $10 - and gave the other one away. I will keep a tally to see how we do selling tickets. Lulu likes it that she can go inside and enjoy the warmup while I am outside cutting ticket deals.

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