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Saturday, May 11, 2013

You Know You Are A Coal Cracker

I moved from Tamaqua PA to Tallahassee FL in 2004 when Lulu became a professor at FSU. When I was a kid - Tamaqua was a coal mining and railroad town in Eastern Pennsylvania. Both industries still continue there but at a much lower capacity. 

In the 1940s - Tamaqua had 12,000 people but it has dwindled to 7000 today. The town has expanded to include a larger area. Many of the residents commute to work long distances to keep their home in town. 

Tamaqua is the only community in the world with that name. There is a bar and boat marina in Brooklyn NY with the name Tamaqua. I plan to go there some day to find out how it was named. 

The name Coal Cracker is an honor back home.

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