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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Why Do I Like Scooters So Much?

This is our new 1986 Honda Helix we bought last week.

This is our 2007 Vespa LX150 - we bought new in 2006.

Many people ask me why I like scooters so much. Many things ad up to my hobby.

First - in 1965 - The Beach Boys introduced this cute little inexpensive piece of transportation.  $215 was all I could afford for a new vehicle. Honda sold the 50cc Cub that got a whopping 200 milers per gallon. For pennies - the world was mine for exploring. Young ladies back home in Tamaqua PA thought it was cool. We could cruise around town at up to 45 miles per hour - we could go mini-golfing at Heislers Dairy Bar about 7 miles from town - a blanket and the Honda were all that was needed for watching the submarine races at the lake. 

At college - on a campus where parking was limited and impossible to purchase - scooters slipped under the radar. 

Later - when I bought a bus - a scooter fit easily on the front bumper rack. It served an emergency dingy on our trips. We could park the bus as a camper - and tool around on the scooter. 

When the boys came along - a plastic bike seat on the back allowed me to take the kids along. 

I love the feel of the wind in your face - hair blowing in the breeze. I know I look silly - but in my mind - I am cool - even at 65. 

Now Lulu uses the scooter to fight the difficult parking at FSU. On games days - we ride the 2 miles to the stadium and park in the Golden Chiefs parking lot. Parking cost for cars - $25,000 for a season - but they let us park the scooter there - free.
The coldest day of the year I drove the scooter to Lake City to pick up my pick up.

Insurance - although Florida law does not require a scooter to be insured - the cost of coverage is so low - even I choose the protection. I just got my policy from GEICO for coverage of our two bikes. We have a 2007 Vespa LX150 and a 1986 Honda Helix 250cc. The entire price of covering two scooters - one full year with full collision insurance - is $99. Yes - $99 for a full year. Here is the policy. 

I am not kidding - one year of insurance for 2 scooters $99. 

Scooters are great up north in the summer - but in Florida it is seldom too cold to ride. One morning when it was 32 degrees - I drove 100 miles to Lake City to buy a truck. After we cut the deal - the guy helped me load the scooter onto the back of the truck - and I drove home. 

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