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Friday, May 10, 2013

Valley Girls Visit 29 Degrees North

Linda - Lulu - Lori enjoyed several days together in Northwestern Florida. Note the sign - 29 degrees north latitude.

Ron Jon Surf Shop in Panama City Beach has everything these three surfer girls need - sun - sand - surf.

For the past 6 days - the Valley Girls - Lulu - Lori - Linda enjoyed their time together at 29 Degrees North Latitude. In case you are not sure what that means - Tallahassee and Panama City Beach sit roughly on the line 29 degrees north of the equator. To give you a bearing - Tamaqua is about 41 degrees north. - The Tropic of Cancer is 23..5 degrees north - and in the summer the sun is directly overhead there - no shadow.  Obviously - the closer you are to the equator - the higher the sun is in the sky and the dangers of sun exposure rise. 

The girls flew from Wilkes Barre to Philadelphia and then to Jacksonville. In Jacksonville they rented a car for the last leg of the trip. Yesterday - they drove to Saint Augustine to spend the day there - then as I type at 7 AM Friday - they are winging their way home.

Added later on Friday at 1 PM. The girls got bumped in Newark. They gave their tickets up for their flight to Wilkes-Barre for a $400 credit for each of them. They arrive arrive home a little later today.

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