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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I Like To Wash My Car But Would Not Want To Do It For A Living

Troy and Christina did a great job detailing Lulu's Dodge - 850-933-1253

No it is not for sale! Look at Lulu's Dodge shine. It is a 1986 with 15,000 miles on it. All original - top - interior - paint - new tires. She has put 6000 miles on it in 3 years.

Today I had Lulu's car detailed. 

One time Al Sword did a story about Lulu and I in The Times News. He quoted me as saying - "I like to wash my car but would not want to do it for a living." What I was saying is that it is fun to do every now and then - but hard tedious work to do it right. 

There used to be a commercial on TV that said foreigners thought the difference between a rich American and a poor American is that a poor American washes his own Cadillac. Well I don't have a Caddy - like my friends Marylou and Carl - but I had someone wash Lulu's Dodge.

Troy and Christina showed up as promised at 9 AM. For 90 straight minutes they did nothing but scrub - polish - brush - vacuum - wipe - and buff the old 1986 Dodge 600 Convertible. 

I really hired them to steal their trade secrets - but they were not modest about it - their secrets were mainly lots of hard work. I could smell plenty of Simple Green cleaner. They used all sorts of brushes. One that interested me was like a bottle brush for the wheels.

Lulu's Dodge has aluminum alloy "pizza pie" wheels. 27 years of oxidation and brake dust had really made them dull. I thought if Troy could get then even half clean - this job would be a bargain. You can see by the pictures that it was a success.

The cost is $50 - they come to your house at your time. They bring all their own products and tools. They do a very professional job. The finished car speaks for itself. I am usually very tight - but a $10 tip was in order. I give them a 5 star rating.  *****

I found Troy's ad on Craigslist.  You can call him at 850-933-1253. It is great entertainment - sit your car outside the window and watch the action from inside. Pay when they leave. Cash please. What a great idea for a gift.

The Dodge has leather interior - turbo engine - digital dashboard. They shampooed the heck out of the seats and carpets.

Everything was done right on site at the brick house in 90 minutes.  

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