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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Friday Morning 4 AM - Leaving Athens For Home

We got up at 4AM - Athens time. Our hotel - the Royal Olympic - had a cab waiting for us. The Mercedes diesel whisked us to the airport thru the empty streets and expressways. At one time I noticed the speedometer reading 160 KMH - which is 100 miles per hour. The little 2200cc diesel purred along effortlessly at about 2000 RPMs.

We were at the airport at 5 AM. Air France invited us to breakfast at their VIP room - what a wonderful spread they have out - but the place is empty except for us and two other travelers.

Our flight leaves here at 7AM - to Paris where we layover for 1.5 hours - then on to Atlanta and a 3 hours layover there - finally Tallahassee where our buddy George will be waiting for us.

As we left our hotel - the Parthenon was lit up like a beacon over the city - guiding us on our travels home. We reflected on our time here. There is a bit of sadness - at age 65 - I doubt I will ever return to this cradle of democracy.  Yes - we will continue to travel a lot - but there are so many new places to see - and miles to go before I sleep.

In the last 10 years - Lulu has taken me to - France - England - Scotland - Wales - Belgium - Netherlands - Sweden - Denmark - Switzerland - Germany - Italy - Haiti - Bermuda - Brazil - Australia - New Zealand - China - Thailand - Cuba - Korea - Bahamas - Jamaica - Cayman Islands - Aruba - Mexico - Monaco - Canada - Portugal - even the states of Alaska and Hawaii. I have spent nights in London - Paris - Rome - Amsterdam - Rio - Hong Kong - Honolulu - Havana - Montreal - Sydney - Monte Carlo. It has been one heck of a ride.

It is time to board our jet.

Added Later - at 6 PM - Made it home safely. Nice trip - 3 good flights. We are tired. 

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