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Friday, May 17, 2013

First Day in Amsterdam Waiting For The Afterburners To Kick In

 We took the train from the airport to the central train station seen in the background. This is my favorite car so far. There is one door in the back. It opens - and the driver can drive his wheelchair right in - no need for help. It still has 4 wheels - 4 brakes - and is full enclosed. 

We landed into a fog of rain and 50 degrees - the sun was rising but we couldn't see it. The city was quiet. We walked a couple blocks to our hotel on the Dam - that is the main square where the palace is. 

Although our check-in time was not until 3 PM - they must have felt sorry for this old gray head - we had a room key in seconds - and crashed in our room. 5 hours later we were up and touring town. The weather didn't get much better - Lulu and I enjoyed the day to ourselves. We bought a 2 day transportation pass - good for buses - trolleys - trains - even water busses.

They have a beautiful 7 story high library with a restaurant on the top floor and a pub on the first floor. We had a nice breakfast/lunch/supper whatever you want to call it . They made margarita pizza from scratch in a wood fired oven. I guess we will suspend our diet for the trip. We will have to stop counting calories and do a lot of walking. 

It is 7 PM here - we are back to the room for a break - then we are all ready for some night life.

 We always take a picture at the Tallahassee Airport in case the plane goes down - you can sell it to the Enquirer.

 The library has 7 floors - a wonderful kids' section - also racks of DVDs and vinyl records. You can self-scan to check out books - just like at Walmart.

 Lulu wanted to see the Tulip Museum. Entry was 5 pounds - Lulu asked for a discount - the lady said sure - 3 pounds. See all you have to do is ask. 

 The Tulip Museum was a nice stop in the rainy afternoon. It is right across the street from Ann Frank's house.

We slipped into a pancake house. They made us crepes and milkshakes. Even the pancake house has Palm Ale. Lulu is the director of the PALM Center - but did not try it out. 

The house with the black store front is the place where Ann Frank spent almost two years hiding from the Nazis in World War II. Her family was captured and everyone died in concentration camps except her Dad. When he returned after the war - a neighbor gave him Ann's writings that they found upstairs. There was a long line to tour the house. After reading her book and seeing the play and movie - the place baffles the mind. How could the Nazis do all this?

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