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Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Letter To Senator Rubio

Rubio Drinking the NRA Kool-Aid.

Senator Rubio -

I am very disappointed that you voted against the gun bill on universal background checks. You have lost my vote. 90% of America is in favor of that bill - but you chose NRA money. Shame on you.

When you run for president - I am retired - and I will use all of my strength to campaign against you. I live close to the Capitol here in Tallahassee - you will remember my house when I put a 10 foot tall picture of Hillary in my front yard.

We know what kind of backbone you have. Shame on you for selling your soul and the lives of your fellow Floridians for NRA money.

You are nothing but a miniature George Bush - I can't imagine being smaller than that man.

Shame on you.

Harry Everhart

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