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Friday, April 26, 2013

Another Honda Scooter - 27 Years Old - One Owner - 2000 Miles

1986 Honda Helix scooter with 2000 miles on it - one owner. 

The Craigslist ad was just too tempting. 

For Sale
Pearl white 1986 Honda Helix CN 250 motor scooter. Original owner, only 2200 miles, garage kept and in like new condition. Capable of carrying two people at highway speeds. Recently serviced by Orion Motorsports in Tallahassee, FL. and ready to go at $1950.

Yes - it was priced way too high according to the NADA guide - but I just had to have a look at the 27 year old scooter still driven by the original buyer.  The ad said he lived by the mall - about one mile from my house. 

I called the phone number. A nice fella answered - I asked about the scooter. He explained that he was as old as me and just had too many things going on. I said I could come right over. I asked his address and he said "1xxx Seminole." I live at 1607 Seminole - the guy was a block away. 

I rode my Vespa to his house - the Honda was under the carport right next to a classic Honda Car. We talked and compared notes. We negotiated a price - usually I will not pay higher than the NADA book value - but this bike was perfect. It looked brand new - new tires - new battery - new carb - new gas tank - the paint sparkled. I just had to have it. $1750 seemed reasonable. 

The Honda Helix is an old guy's scooter. It rides like a cloud - can go 80 MPH - has a giant trunk. It has big tires - and big seats for two big butts. Like my other scooters - it was twist and go - no shifts - no gears - just a single lunger 250cc water cooled engine. 

I counted out the cash - the owner signed the title - we were done. I read the ad at 3:30 - by 5:00 the scooter was sitting in my driveway. By 6:00 - I had washed and waxed it - and Lulu and I were on our way to Southwood to do our daily walk. 

Who would have thought this scooter was one block away from our house for the last 27 years?

We are going to hold a lottery to see who can guess how long I will have it. I doubt that I will have it 27 years - like the first owner. I would be 92 years old. Does this scooter qualify as a barn find?

The NADA books says it is worth $1055 in excellent condition. How many miles do they expect a 1986 scooter to have - not 2000.

It has a very wide seat for two - and a big trunk.

Lulu's Dodge is white - has very low miles - is a 1986 - and has a digital dashboard. This Honda is white - has very low miles - is a 1986 - and has a digital dashboard. That is the Dodge in the background.

New tires - battery - carb - gas tank. It included two covers - a matching helmet - and the full shop manual.

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