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Friday, April 19, 2013

Red 1978 Ford F100 Custom

Lines look very nice from the side.

I just got done examining this truck and taking it for a ride. 

It was better than I expected.

It is a 1978 Ford F100 Custom Flareside Pickup Truck. It has a 351 V8 engine with 2 barrel carb. It has automatic transmission - power steering - power brakes. The AC works. It has a new windshield - new sliding rear window - the seat is fair - needs reupholstering. It has an aftermarket radio/CD player with an input for the iphone. The body has a few dents and some rust. The doors fit remarkably well.

It has a new gasoline tank and taillights. 
The paint is poor. Would need new paint immediately. It has good tires and wheels. Brakes were good. It was fun to drive - no effort - like a regular car. It had all new quiet exhaust pipe and muffler. With the 351 engine the gas mileage is poor - but power is great. If you would have all the dents taken out - a paint job could be expensive. 

The owner bought it for his 18 year old daughter. She drove it a year - and now she is going to college. He did most of the improvements himself - the improvements are nice but not stock. 

All in all it is in good shape for 35 years old - I could put my antique plate on it. The NADA book says it can be worth $2000 to $6800.

Things I liked about this truck - many old truck have horrible wandering heavy steering - this one had easy stable steering. Many old trucks roar - this one had a nice quiet muffler on it. Many old trucks have unstable meandering brakes - this one stopped easily. The last truck I bought was not a joy to drive - so Lulu would not touch it. This one she would enjoy - going to yard sales.

It has a new aftermarket small steering wheel.

The doors work - no sagging - all windows have good glass.

The glove box works - all metal dash - gauges work - AC works - CD player - floor rust repaired - new rubber floor.

Home made roof liner. New sliding rear glass window -  Nice new windshield.

The seat needs to be re-done - about $300.

It has new door moldings - the doors open well - no sags.

New floor mat. 

Wipers work - headlights work - one taillight was out.

351 V8 engine - it had a carb plate on it to reduce it from 4 barrel to 2 barrel. 2011 battery. Chrome air cleaner - aluminum Holley valve covers.

Hood works - after market front grill.

New air conditioner compressor - new radiator hose

Bench seat - needs renovation.

Plenty of seat room - leg room - head room. The body looks straight.

Chrome wheels - good 15 inch tires - I would prefer the old steel disk wheels with baby moon hubs.

Needs pain - a few dents need to be removed. Stock bumper up front - custom bumpers and trailer hitch on rear - chrome exhaust extensions. 

After market mirrors. Flareside bed is very retro. It matches my Prius. :-)

Started easily - ran smoothly - even more smoothly with AC off.

New spark plug wires - new AC parts and hoses. 

Wood bed could use upgrade.

Tailgate works fine - some rust and cancer.

Most of this rust and cancer is in the tailgate. One taillight did not work. Turn signals work and cancel. 

35 years old qualifies for antique plates - lower registration - lower insurance. New gasoline cap and new gas tank.

Would look great with new red paint.

He is asking $4500 for it. The book says it is worth $2000 to $6800. It runs well - but would take a bit of money to make it worth $6800 - then you would need to find a buyer.

Lines look very nice from the side.

Rear window - bumper - wheels - pipes - mirrors are not stock design - they are custom. 

It would be a great yard truck and errand truck. Smooth riding - can hold 3 people. Has seats belts.

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