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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Yesterday I Visited An ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) House

It is a plain home on a small small lot - 3 BR - 2 BA
Sometimes we think we should just stay in our present home. Other times we want to build a new home - then during weaker times we consider selling both of our homes and buying a new one in Southwood - a development where we love to walk around the lake. 

One thing for sure - if we build a home we want it to follow the ADA Home rules. The doors will be wide with no thresholds. The light switches will be lower and the outlets will be higher. It will have drive-in showers. 

This home was just build near the corner of Capital Circle and Miccosukee Road. It is in a tight development with postage stamp size lots. It is on the market for $268,000. The lot is worth $50,000 so the home could be put on my lot for $228,000. It is 1800 square feet plus the garage. The outside is basic hardiboard - the roof is architectural shingles. It is on a poured slab with laminate flooring. It has a heat pump - gas tankless water heater - and a gas fireplace. It would take Lulu no time at all to add $50,000 in upgrades.

The bathroom has plenty of room to move around

The shower is big and wide - the floor is slanted to keep water in

A pocket door keeps the toilet private but still big enough for a wheel chair

A gas fireplace flips on with a switch

I prefer real wood on the floor or polished concrete

The guest bathroom is wide separating two guest bedrooms

This side yard is only half yours

This is the fully enclosed back yard. The fence would look better stained

This back patio is flat going into the house

The front room on the left could be an office or bedroom

The house sat on a tiny cul de sac on the left. I could fit the cul de sac of 6 homes easily on my lot

This house will be done in 2 months

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