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Friday, March 01, 2013

Seminole Girls Win Thriller Over 9th Place Maryland - 72 - 71

5 FSU Seniors play their last home game - Clayton - Davis - DeLuzio - Coles - Rodriguez

Five very talented FSU seniors were playing their last home game last night in Tallahassee. Free admission was offered leap-frogging an already cheap (Regular $4 - Seniors $2) ticket hoping to produce a big crowd for the senior finale.

A nice crowd was on hand to honor the 5 senior girls with flowers - jerseys - and applause. FSU has not beaten a top 10 nationally ranked team in 5 years. History was not on the home team's side against Number 9 Maryland. When the Terps finally got on the court - their size was indeed menacing - add their all black UnderArmor uniforms.

It started badly - Maryland running off the first 8 points. We did not seem to have anything to put a dent in their fearsome defense. Then a little magic happened and as the half time horn sounded the Noles led 29 to 25.
Coach Sue Semrau
After the best half-time show of the season - the unicyclist that caught bowls on her head - everyone expected the Turtles to speed up and take over the game. Several of their players got into steep foul trouble but the Seminoles were shooting over 50% - even though the Marylanders dominated the rebounds - the Noles lead increased to 17 with four minutes to go. What seemed like a definite loss turned into a sure win.
Senior Lenore Rodriguez from the Canary Islands - Spain
Maryland reeled off 24 points to tie the game with 7 seconds left. The Seminoles kept shooting quickly and missing - but did not alter their game plan to keep the game fast. It seemed to work because the taller and bigger Maryland girls seemed to be sucking wind.

The score tied 71-71 with 7 seconds to go. With 4 Maryland players having 4 fouls or more - FSU's super star Alexa DeLuzio was fouled and would be shooting 2 shots. We all thought the game was in the bag. Basketball Barbie missed the first of 2 shots. That meant Maryland would get the ball and could tie or win the game with a last second shot. Deluzio then missed the second foul shot. Bedlam - it seemed like she gave the game away. But one of the Maryland players stepped into the painted area. DeLuzio would get a do-over on the last shot. This time swish - Noles were ahead 72-71.
FSU Girls fans are a very old crowd. Here you see every old Nole guys' favorite -  Alexa DeLuzio - Basketball Barbie
Maryland could still win it - they could easily go the length of the court in 7 seconds - put up a shot to win - or get fouled and win at the foul line. But - the Seminole defense had one last stop in them - and Terps did not get off a shot before the buzzer. FSU just beat a top 10 team!

4 Nole girls scored in double figures. They have one away game left before the playoffs.

With a 21 - 7 record - the Seminoles will easily make the NCAA playoffs. I hope they go far for the seniors and the fans. What a sparkling way to end a season and a career.  

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